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Home>Internet equipment>Network Storage>Ftth Fiber Optic Ordinary Double Output HSGS10076/2 -40~75 ℃ Working Storage

Ftth Fiber Optic Ordinary Double Output HSGS10076/2 -40~75 ℃ Working Storage

Ftth Fiber Optic Ordinary Double Output HSGS10076/2   -40~75 ℃  Working Storage




Product Detail

Ftth Fiber Optic Ordinary Double Output HSGS10076/2 -40~75 ℃ Working Storage


Huanshun HSGS10076/2 series Optical Receiver is specially designed for the FTTH application of the CATV network. Compact Structure, Good Appearance & Convenient Application. Even under the bandwidth up to 1000Mhz, it can also provide a Stable Output Level and Excellent Performance Indexes, which has the wide range of optical power working range.

This series of Optical Receiver use Ultra Low Optical Power Receiving Technology, all Gallium Arsenide Amplify, Optical Control AGC function, the RF 2×72dBuv is stable when the optical receiving power is -15~-5dBm.


█ Ultra Low -18dBm Optical Power Receiving MER>28dB, 1000MHz Working Wavelength;

█ Stable and Reliable AGC Control Function, -15~-5dBm/RF 2x72dBuv Constant Output;

█ Perfect Surge Suppression Circuit, Improving Lightning Protection & Surge Shock Prevention Ability;

█ Power Supply, Optical Power Working Condition LED panel display;

█ Low Power designed, Device Total Power Consumption less than 2.0W;

█ Optional SNMP Network Management Function, to achieve Remote Network Management and Local Monitoring;

█ Main Device's Performance pass National Broadcast Inspection&Testing, and obtain the National CATV Admission Certificates;

█ Whole Device's Performance is detected by EMC and Safety Performance Inspection, certified by National Mandatory Product (CCC).

Technical Specifications

ItemsUnitPerformance Index
Optical Characteristicsoptical receiving wavelength rangenm1200/1600
response rateA/W≥0.85
optical receiving power rangedBm-2~-18(suggested-9~-12)
optical reflection lossdB≥50
fiber optic adapter/connector/SC/APC
RF Characteristicsbandwidth/unevennessMHz/dB47~1000/≤±1
output leveldBuv2×72±1(-15~-5dBm)
reflection lossdB≥14(characteristic impedance75Ω)
RF output port/metric or british system(2-ways output)
MER(closed equilibrium)dB≥25(64QAM)≥31(256QAM)-12dBm receive, optical link 94 digital channels
MER(open equilibrium)dB≥32(64QAM)≥34(256QAM)
BER/≤1×10-4measure at least 100bits
Other Indexpower supply/consumptionV/WExternal AC90~255V→DC5/2
working/storage temperature-30~55/-40~75
working/humidity%5~80(no condensation)
structure sizemm82×82×25


The CATV RF signal is modulated into 1550 segments (1535~1565nm) optical signals through an external modulation transmitter or an direct modulation optical transmitter, amplified by EDFA or EYDFA, and though the optical distribution frame(ODF) to user receipt. The optical receiving power is generally designed from -12 to -9dBm, and apply the HSGS10076/2 optical receiver with RF 2x76dBuv±1output. See the following diagram in details:

Order Info.

Product NameModelFunctional Description

FTTH optical receiver

(common double outputt)

HSGS10076/21290~1565nm reception,-5~-15dBm/RF 2×72dBuv Constant Output,External 90~255V 5V 0.5A Power Adapter

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Quality Ftth Fiber Optic Ordinary Double Output HSGS10076/2   -40~75 ℃  Working Storage for sale

Ftth Fiber Optic Ordinary Double Output HSGS10076/2 -40~75 ℃ Working Storage