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Micro Computer Control Outdoor Escalator Step Width 1000M With Integrated Aluminum Casting

Micro Computer Control Outdoor Escalator Step Width 1000M With Integrated Aluminum Casting




Product Detail

Micro Computer Control Outdoor Escalator Step Width 1000M With Integrated Aluminum Casting

Public Transport Escalator Integrated aluminum casting with Micro-computer control

Multiple Safety Protection VVVF Drive High-performance Traction Machine Escalator series public transport escalator, support 30 degree inclined angle. It has safety glass balustrade and this can save many space. It is very popular for indoor and outdoor condition in current market. By detecting passengers flow and automatically adjusting the speed curve, Wellift escalator can achieve effective energy saving in the whole process of its operation.

The truss of outdoor escalator has been treated with hot-dip galvanizing for rust prevention, which is a characteristic design on account of various outdoor factors and enables the escalator to adapt to various outdoor environments.

(1) The truss utilizes first class angle steel with unique structure, high strength and complete durable features.

(2) The overall design is concise and smooth and compatible.

(3) The advanced international craftsmanship ensures the accuracy of step.

(4) The large size diameter of step roller with stable running, low noise and long lifetime.

(5) The human-oriented handrail entrance is secured by brush.

WELLIFT W8 serial outdoor escalators have the following features:

Anti-rusting and anticorrosion treatment

Truss applies superior profile steel with unique structure, high intensity, thorough anti-rusting and anticorrosion treatment, fine effect, long life.

Conveyor chains proceed with special heat treatment (surface is nickel-plated)

Upper and lower part of the escalator structure should be protected by anti-rust and marine paint.

Water-proof measures

The whole design takes the escalator drainage system into consideration. Drive motor adopt water-proof type. Main and secondary step chain sprockets all use Germany water-resisting materials. Bearing is sealed and water-proof. So ensure steps work normally in outdoor environment.

Insulation Measures

Adopts Germany sealed safety switches. Wires and switches are connected by special designed fastening cover.

All wires adopt elevator cables and wiring in sealed insulating box. Set up special ground connecting device with control cabin.

Dust-proof functions

Steps and front plates with skid-proof function

High insulating level

Outdoor escalator electric device insulating level is up to IP44

Traction machine abandon belt brake, use center brake instead.Set up oil-water separator equipment

Standard Specification of W8 serial outdoor escalator

Target market:Shopping mall, Commercial Building, Hospital, Subway, Airports
Step width600mm, 800mm, 1000mm
Inclination30°, 35°
Max. Vertical rise≤8000mm
Operating environmentoutdoor

Superior Performance of W8 serial escalator

“Safety the first" is the basic guideline of W8. The design, manufacture and installation all reach or exceed GB16899-2011 and EN115 "Safety rules for the construction and installation of escalators and passenger conveyors”.
1W8 runs smoothly, comfortable and safe to take. It is the perfect combination of ideal design solution and up-to-date technical achievement
2The truss are made of special bar sections and rectangle steel tube, with stress relieving treatment, so that to be solid, durable and no deformable
3The drive device adopts the most advanced technology of German FRANDER Company which has the features of high efficiency uniform operation and low noise
4The control system adopts Japanese new-generation PLC technology, which can perform function setting and trouble self-diagnose, the remote monitoring interface can be added if necessary
5The steps which formed from High-strength whole piece die-cast aluminum or stainless steel, and high-quality handrail guarantee the handsome appearance, safety and durability of escalator.
6Following ISO9001 Quality Control System, each W8 escalator is manufactured and tested carefully to be of good quality
New Standard Configurations
Automatic oil lubricatorAutomatic trouble displayRemote monitoring interface
Optional Function
Automatic start / stop SystemVF drive systemOil / water separator(Apply to outdoor escalator)
Decorative Selection
With elegant appearance, advanced technology and smart design, W8 is harmonious with various circumstances. You can select suitable handrail glass and tread according to building styleStandard color of handrail is black; other 4 colors (blue, green, and grey, red) are available with additional charge.

WELLIFT W8 serial escalator has unbeatable advantages on safety, operation appearance and energy saving in this trade. It is applicable for hotels, office buildings, shopping center, etc with good quality and competitive price.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any need for our products. Also you can visit our company website to download product catalogues.

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Quality Micro Computer Control Outdoor Escalator Step Width 1000M With Integrated Aluminum Casting for sale

Micro Computer Control Outdoor Escalator Step Width 1000M With Integrated Aluminum Casting