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Molastar 5.6 Inch Marine AIS GPS LED Display Chart Plotter

Molastar 5.6 Inch Marine AIS GPS LED Display Chart Plotter




Product Detail

Molastar 5.6 Inch Marine AIS GPS LED Display Chart Plotter

Molastar 5.6 Inch Marine AIS GPS LED Display Chart Plotter


Built-in Automatic Identification System (AIS) Receiver (6299B) or
Automatic Identification System (AIS) Class B Transponder (6299A)
High resolution TFT day-view LCD display
SD-cards slot for C-Map MAX and user data
C-Map MAX and K-Chart Selectable
Tide table and Celestial display
Versatile display mode include
Plotter Screen
Satellite Information
AIS Display
Compass Screen
GOTO track navigation
Map orientation select
Proximity waypoints alarms
Perspective View
Daylight – exposed to sunlight
Night – in dark environment
NOAA- paper chart color
Wind speed and direction display by optional sensor input
AIS guard zone with CPA and TCPA alarm


Waypoints/icons15,000 waypoints with name, symbol, 10 proximity waypoint

waypoint up to 200 points each, plus MOB and Track Navigation or

Goto Track modes


30,000 point automatic track log; 15 saved track (up to 2000 track

points each) let you retrace your path in both directions


XTE, Anchor drag, arrival, speed, voltage, proximity waypoint and time,

AIS alarm.


Normal,Daylight exposed to sunlight,Night in dark environment,

NOAA paperchart colors

TidesTide data
ProjectionMercator projection
Position formatLatitude/Longitude
BasemapBuilt-in K-Chart
External MapSD Cards slot for C-Map MAX
User data storageInternal backup of user settings, or external SD-card
Plot Interval1s to 99h or 0.01 nm to 9.99nm
Plotting scales0.01nm to 1,000nm
Nav DataInputs:
$–DBT, $–DPT, $–GGA, $–GLL,$–GSA, $–GSV,
$–HDG,$–HDM,$–HDT,$–MTW, $–RMB,$–RMC,
$–VTG, $–ZDA, $–VWR,$–VWT,$–MWD, $–VPW
$–AAM, $–APB, $–BOD,$–BWC,$–GGA, $–GLL,
$–RMB,$–RMC,$–VTG, $–XTE, $–ZDA
Outputs for autopilot:
$–AAM, $–APB, $–BOD,$–VTG
Perspective ViewOn/off
POWER SUPPLY10.5 to 35VDC, current drain <500mA at 12V
Display5.6-inches Color TFT day-view LCD 640 X 480 pixels
WaterproofingDisplay unit: IPX5,Antenna unit: IPX6
Temperature rangeDisplay unit: -15℃ to +55℃,Antenna unit: -25℃ to +70℃

50 parallel channel GPS receiver continuously Tracks and uses up

to 50,satellites to compute and update your position

Acquisition times

Cold start: 27 seconds average,Warm start: 27 seconds average,

Hot start: 1 seconds average

Update rate1/second,continuous

Position: 2.5 meters(95%) without S/A,Velocity: 0.1 Meter/sec

without S/A,Time: ±100ns synchronized to GPS time

DynamicsAltitude: 50,000m Max,Velocity: 500 m/s,Acceleration: 4g Max
DatumWGS 84 & Others
InterfacesNMEA 0183 input and output,RS232 and RS422 output

Display unit,Antenna unit with 10m cable,Operator manual,

Installation materials and standard spare parts

Transmitter x 1( 5.6 Inch ONLY)
Receiver x 2(one time shared between AIS/DSC)
Frequency156.025 to 162.025 MHz in 25KHz steps
Output power2 watts typical
Channel bandwidth25KHz
Channel step25KHz
Modulation modes5KHz GMSK (AIS,TX AND RX),25KHz AFSK (DSC,RX only)
Bit rate9600 b/s +- 50 ppm (GMSK),1200 b/s +- 30 ppm (FSK)
RX sensitivity

Sensitivity – 107dBm 25Khz,Message error rate less than: 2%,

Co-channel 10dB,IMD 62dB,Blocking 84dB




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MOLA Technology Co., Ltd Established in 2013, is Located in Chongqing City. We are specialized in All kinds of marine products: marine deck equipment, marine mooring equipment,marine outfitting equipment, marine power and propulsion equipment, marine lifesaving and firefighting equipment, marine cable and lights, marine castings and forgings, marine pipe and pipe fittings, pumps and valves and other marine products.We also provide the project technical solutions, including design and export large, medium and small ship according to the requirement.

We are here to provide you with safe and reliable goods. Quality is always our main priority, our quality control program make sure that no defect or poor workmanship will be supplied. According to customer's requirement, our quality can meet the rules and standards of International Class Society such as LR, ABS, DNV, GL, BV, NK, KR, RINA, IRS and CCS.

MOLA has exported its water tanks into south-east Asia, Africa,USA and EU, and has established business relationships with some international organizations, like WaterPlex ,Pronal,JW Auto Marine and other SNV.

In China MOLA as supplied the Governments in Guizhou, Yunnan, Guangxi, etc. with lots of water tanks, b for local drought relief, energy conservation and emission reduction, and improving rural living conditions.

Our greatest asset is our human resource, a vibrant, skilled and cohesive team which has given us a competitive edge.

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Quality Molastar 5.6 Inch Marine AIS GPS LED Display Chart Plotter for sale

Molastar 5.6 Inch Marine AIS GPS LED Display Chart Plotter